Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog

Apr 24

Hey guys, Thank for you visiting my blog. People may know me as Oliver Dettol, but I like to call myself Broken Pipe. Just a quick intro, I am currently overweight due to my occupation as a full time doctor, however, I have started my journey on losing weight.

I currently weigh 250 pounds, which I believe is quite obese for a 38 year old. My aim goal is to be 160 pounds by the mid year next year. It is very possible, only needing to lose about 1 and a half pounds a week. As a doctor, I should know better than to be obese.

But being a doctor can be very stressful, especially long hours on the job and being unable to cook. In my journey, I’ll be using appetite suppressants to aid me. These pills will certainly help me. As a doctor, I know what I’m doing and certainly will be looking to help others too.

Okay, enough about me. On this blog, you’ll be able to find general information and trends that I’ll uncover. I’ll certainly be posting up articles about questions I get regularly at work too. So that’s it for today. I know I’m quite new to this, but I’ll definitely be reading ways to improve my blog.